NaturalHolland, which was founded in the year 2013, in the famous coastal province of Zeeland in the Netherlands, forms the link between the traditional Dutch growers and the Chinese consumers. We hereby gladly introduce you to the unique flavours of Dutch fish products, and take care of the selection and the logistic route from the Netherlands to China.

NaturalHolland stands for quality, sustainability and food-safety. Due to many years of experience in this field, and the knowledge of the local market, we are able to buy fresh products directly from the Dutch growers. This unique but independent cooperation enables NaturalHolland to select high quality products for the Chinese market.


NaturalHolland makes use of its local knowledge in order to find the best growers and high quality products.

Direct lines

NaturalHolland strives towards direct lines of communications, and in most cases deals directly with the Dutch growers.


NaturalHolland has its offices in the Netherlands as well as in China, which results in the best client-oriented services.


NaturalHolland focuses on buyers who are looking for high quality fresh Dutch fish products. We can provide (shellfish) wholesalers, restaurants, oyster-bars, shops, hotels, etc., with fine Dutch products for Chinese consumers. Quality and food-safety is paramount in our business. Are you curious to know about Dutch delights? Please get in touch with us.

About NH
Oxfam Novib, 2013

The Netherlands is no. 1 in the world for having the most plentiful, nutritious, healthy and affordable diet”

Independent research done by Oxfam Novib in 2013 shows that the Dutch are the best when it comes to food facilities. For this, Oxfam Novib had done research in a total of 125 countries, whereby in each country, research was done about:

  • Food stock
  • Affordability of food
  • Food quality/safety
  • Diabetes and obesity