Work Process

Through years of experience in the Dutch fields, and its compact assortment of products, NaturalHolland can select products in a very efficient way, and transport them to China. We are convinced that every party serves its best purpose in its own field of expertise. Local knowledge and a direct approach to the right parties ensure the most efficient method of working. This results in the best quality, fresh products and correct prices.


NaturalHolland works consciously with products that they fully stand behind. Due to our knowledge of the local market, we are in a position to select the best growers and producers for every product. We do not have any problems because of language and communication barriers. In fact, it is even our strength. Our trustful relationship with the growers puts us in a position to supply our Chinese clients with high quality products.

Dutch and European rules and regulations

NaturalHolland works only with Dutch growers and producers who meet the strict requirements of the Dutch and European rules and regulations. The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority regularly inspects whether the Dutch companies meet the set requirements. Our products, which are destined for the Chinese market, undergo strict control before departure. The independent hallmark organisation falls under the supervision of the Dutch government, which in return guarantee the quality of the products and the export abroad, which is sent to the client by means of a certificate.

  • Product selection

    Which product does the client desire?

  • Selection Grower

    Which grower delivers the best quality?

  • Product inspection

    Does it meet the set rules and regulations?

  • Product packing

    Which is the best product packing?

  • Transport

    What is the best means of transport?

Product packing

After consultation with various parties, including the transporter and the grower, NaturalHolland selects the best packing possibility. For each product, we check the most suitable transport possibilities, in order ensure the quality of the product for the client.


Besides the selection of high quality products, the transportation also plays an important role in the whole process. NaturalHolland works together with transport companies that are well acquainted with our products. That is also why it is possible to transport the products to the airport under the right conditions. Once they have arrived at the airport, they are given one final inspection before being loaded onto the airplane and being sent to the airport of the destination.

In cooperation with local parties, NaturalHolland strives to ensure that the fresh products are transported as quickly as possible from their natural environment to their destination in China.

In consultation with the client, we can also take care of the transport at the destination. However, we are aware of the fact that our clients prefer to make use of their own local knowledge and network for the optimal transportation to the final destination.